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Hove Street Art Gallery, Hove UK 2022


G11 Gallery, Oxo Towers, London, 2016

Trevisan International, Gallery De Marchi, Bologna Italy, 2014

Vienna Showcase Art Fair, Austria, 2013


Broadway Gallery, New York City USA, 2013

Menier Gallery, London UK, 2012

Nolia’s Gallery, London UK, 2009


New Realms Gallery, Joint Exhibition, London UK, 2005


Artefact Galleries Group Show, Melbourne Australia, 2000


Wandsworth Community Arts Solo Exhibition, London UK, 1995


Group Show, Calver and Pound Studio, London UK, 1992


Group Show, Victoria Gallery, London UK, 1992


Artists of Promise Auction at Bonhams, London UK, 1992


Artists of Promise Auction at Bonhams, London UK, 1991


Threshers Open Exhibition, Liverpool UK, 1990



My work is not a campaign, a depiction or trying to tell a story. It captures my reflections and feelings toward shifting relationships. Through painting, I find a truth–something simple, personal, and real. By submerging myself in my practice, surprising things happen, and I am taken to new and unexpected places. This is about ‘not knowing’ and answering unfolding questions that take me on a journey of discovery. I try to embrace and address the eternal dissonance between self-knowledge (obtained by observing,) and subjective self-awareness by examining my changing relationships with the world. I try to depict a truth, beyond intellect and words, that deals with the absurd and paradoxical nature of life.”

I attempt to conjure and lock layered views of this fleeting reality; quality is at the core. My work primarily challenges myself. The acts of mixing of colours, loading paint onto brushes and making marks provides contemplation. I push the boundaries of my preconceptions by exploring the world through imaginative and aesthetic pictorial expression. It’s important to me that the ‘hand of the artist’ is visible. Each work is a deeply personal and unique response. Its value is in this uniqueness, the challenge (and effort) of the discipline, and the glimpses it provides into a space beyond the rational.

Follow Simon’s journey unravelling reality through his online blog.


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