It all changes and still says the same

Whatever the type of art being produced the drivers seem to be same: the need to be different and trying to square this with wanting to be recognised; and, to be part of something and yet still wanting to dictate your path as an individual.  I suppose it’s just being greedy, wanting it all and I suspect if you have it then you will realise “all that shines isn’t gold.”   

IMG 0101

Sketch book “Comfort” 2014, Coloured pencil on paper (19 x 19cm)

What I am beginning to appreciate more and more, is that for all the “change" around art that is talked about and the associated energy that goes into positioning it (with which I have many problems,) that really good art hasn’t changed.  Fundamentally time exposes value and the fact that there isn’t objective truth; whether this about how art is created or appreciated.  

What there are, and probably always will be, are people wanting to express and as part of this to create something that touches others on an essential human level.  The justifications that individual people (and society) use are always dynamic and flawed to some extent.  I think the important thing, as an artist is to try and ignore these distractions and challenge the norms; the risk is to fit in and repeat oneself or others.

© Simon Jones 2018