A strange request

I was recently asked to write what I believed in.  As I thought about it I realised it was much easier to say what I don’t believe in.  I found the things that I believed in slipped past me like a flowing river.  They are always moving, sometimes its higher but overall its going in the same direction, the eddies and whirlpools, like life’s events are a function of the movement.  From a safe distance it feels rather monotonous and unchanging, close by it’s as if they will swallow you. 

Life and the people around me shape my beliefs and I can only believe in people I know.  I don’t believe in heroes or leaders; these are for children.

I believe life changes but stays the same.  As you move through it the characteristics stay the same and are driven by human concerns.  I believe this because of the consistent cruelties and compassions displayed.by people through time. 

I believe that paradoxes frame the world and therefore there wont be a bounded consistent truth that encapsulate everything.  This means that the context of the event we are trying to understand is as important as the locus itself.

We are social animals, so people are important to us as we understand, and make sense of, what is going on through others reactions whether good or bad.  I believe evil is banal and the only monsters are those that we create.

I believe that visual expression touches something unique, as does music, mathematics, dance, poetry etc. each in their own way and that there isn’t a hierarchy except from individuals’ perspectives.

I believe ‘it’ will end. “It” being the frames that are relevant to us, and this will be on a personal, social and global level.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics would suggest this is inevitable; I just don’t know when. 

I believe there isn’t progress except in limited contexts.  We build on ideas but fundamentally as humans we are the same.  The ideas of Buddha, Lao-tzu, Socrates and others are as relevant today as they were two and half thousand years ago and were probably not original then. 

Like them I believe that disappointment is at the root of our unhappiness and desire is the cause of the disappointment.  Rather ashamedly, I believe I will always be disappointed.

I believe the world is an illusion and only if I had the strength of character I would truly realise this and then be able to let go.

I believe the basis of hope is that people have the potential to do good.  I believe in my children and others children. I believe the sun will come up tomorrow and beauty in the moment.

© Simon Jones 2018